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I still want to own a Quarkbeast!


I am in love with the first two books of the Chronicle’s of Kazam and the third installment, Eye of Zoltar, does not disappoint! Jasper Fford weaves a magical and witty tale that is full of adventure, chaos, charm, peril and absurdity.

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Jennifer Strange, manager of Kazam Mystical Arts, is the brave orphaned girl you would love to be (or have as a best friend). She has just gone on her first date with Preston, one of the young wizards of Kazam, when the nefarious Mighty Shandar makes an appearance and demands that Jennifer find the Eye of Zoltar, a potentially mythical and very dangerous magical jewel, or the two remaining dragons will be killed. Knowing that she (and the wizards of Kazam) would rather lose their lives than allow the Mighty Shandar to kill the dragons, she undertakes this dangerous quest to find the mythical Eye of Zoltar.

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She is accompanied on the quest by a body-swapped princess, her young wizard boyfriend, a dragon, and a twelve year old, world-wise guide through the dangerous Cambrian empire. Along the way they pick up a few adventure-seeking travelers to up their survival odds, as their quest was given a 50% mortality rating by their statistically accurate guide, Addie. A hazardous journey ensues and Jennifer and her friends are put to the test.

Jasper Fford deserves magician status himself, with his ability to suck a reader in to this world that he has created in his mind. It has been a long time since I have so thoroughly enjoyed a series! I can’t wait until the next installment!

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