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What If I’m Not…

Growing up, I remember being taught that girls should be cute, petite, small, skinny, and dainty. I remember watching shows on MTV (Room Raiders specifically… does anyone else remember that show? Is it still a thing, because MTV runs their shows FOREVER) where guys would invade girls rooms and have a fit if the girls […]

Dressember Pick of the Week – Purple Slit Dress by Anna Scholz

Another of my favorites from Gwynnie Bee! The Purple Slit Dress by Anna Scholz. I originally wore this for Dressember Day 9. There was a lot I loved about this dress, but my favorite part was definitely the details at the neck. I belted this and during the day wore it with flat boots to […]

TBT to My First Post: Loving my Curves

Below you will see my first blog post ever. It was published in 2010 – before I started modeling professionally and it was posted shortly after hosted the first ever major Plus Size Fashion show to be hosted during fashion week. Since this was posted it has become so much more mainstream to have […]

Healthy Living and Body Confidence

At times it seems as if there is a disconnect between the body positivity message I try to spread and the Beachbody challenge groups that I run. I can understand how it gets confusing. The assumption with a challenge group would be that anyone who joins the group is lacking in some way in their body; […]

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself… And Body Shaming

Regardless of what your belief structure is, I’m almost positive you have heard the phrase “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is a phrase taken out of the Bible and can be found here: Mark 12:30–31 30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind […]

Parts Modeling – The Roly Poly Version

I had my first Parts Modeling gig on Monday. (1 down for the modeling gigs! 2 more to go for The Experiment). It was quite the experience. The job was for a medical magazine article about a new drug coming out that’s meant to help with body temperature. The shoot itself was an artistic take […]


It’s just not your job. Period. I am a plus size model (for any of you who don’t follow my blog or know me personally) so I have a front row seat to what it’s like to have people discuss your body as if you aren’t present and listening. I have learned that some people […]

*UGH* Being Happy Regardless of My Size?

  I went up a whole dress size. While this isn’t a national disaster, in my head it feels pretty damn close. For one thing, I’m a model. It’s extremely important to stay the size you are getting booked at, your job can literally depend on it. Secondly, I’m a type 1 diabetic and my […]

BarePlus Fashion Show by Bare Necessities

I started my modeling career as a Pin-Up model. My joke is often that I started off by modeling less clothes and have gradually worked my way into adding more and more to my wardrobe at every shoot.  Needless to say I have a love for sexy lingerie. (Don’t even ask about my collection… it’s […]

Eat.Pray.Love. Your Body…

It’s no secret, Eat.Pray.Love. is one of my favorite reads. One reason is the thought of traveling around the world to find myself would be a dream come true. However, until I have a large chunk savings or a financier (any takers?) I will have to live vicariously through Liz Gilbert. In the movie, I […]