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Happy World Diabetes Day!!

I didn’t realize until after having diabetes for almost 5 years that such a thing as World Diabetes Day existed. I didn’t even realize there was a community for people with Diabetes. Literally, for the first 5 years of my Type 1 adventure, I knew only one person who also had Type 1 – my […]

Diabetic Health and Fitness Facebook Group

  It is really hard to be a diabetic and to try and lose weight, to know exactly how to bolus when you are working out and to just have a supportive community that understands exactly what we are going through. So, I started a group for us diabetics to chat specifically about health and […]

Getting Fit While Dealing With Holidays, Lows, and Diabetes

Holidays are really tough on someone with Type 1 Diabetes. They were ESPECIALLY hard on me this year, as I’m also trying to really change my level of fitness and general wellness. I had some serious ups and downs the last couple of weeks both with exercising and with my diabetes. First, the holidays were […]