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3 Of My Favorite Things

Perks of having a photographer husband… impromptu photo shoots! <3   We were wandering Barnes and Noble after church one Sunday and Daniel needed some shots for school, so we decided to have a quick photo shoot with two of my favorite things… books and coffee! I’m holding the book Cinder, which I have not […]

Magical Purple Hair!!

Holy craziness, Batman! I haven’t posted a blog in a week! I have, however, started at least 5 posts that I’ve been too busy to finish… this being one of them. I documented my hair transition and I wanted to share the amazing *4 hour* process with you! But, before I start on the hair… […]

Leopard Prints and Warmer Days

Holy buckets Batman, is it cold today! According to the RealFeel weather forcast, with the wind chill factor it feels about -28 right now… which feels pretty accurate. My band teacher used to say “It’s colder than a brass witch’s nipple in the middle of a snow storm”… or something like that, which is hilarious, […]

2014: A Cinderella Story

2014 started out as a really rough year. Possibly, one of the most difficult to date. Daniel’s job had shut down shortly before Christmas in 2013 and he was the primary bread winner at the time. We had a wedding coming up to pay for, we were scraping by to cover our bills, and we […]

Why Don’t All Dresses Have Pockets?!

I wore this number for Dressember Day 14. It’s one of my all time favorite dresses. It’s vintage, I bought it from Ose – who I’ve done a few shoots with for her website, and it is just so darn cute! (Below is the original shoot with this dress, for Ose, from a few years […]

Christmas Inspired Holiday Outfit

Today is my Love’s Birthday!! He is a Christmas Eve baby and while he may have felt like he got the Birthday short end of the stick, I like to say that my favorite person was born the day before my favorite holiday. It’s kismet, just another thing that shows how awesome he is! I […]

Dressember Week 3 Recap

Week 3 of Dressember is officially complete! I’ve gotten so many opportunities to talk about what Dressember is and why it’s such a big deal. I’ve had a few Negative Nancys say “You really think that wearing a dress every day will help end Human Trafficking?” and the answer is… yes, I DO think that wearing a dress […]

Stripes and Garters

This is my vintage/pin-up inspired outfit for Dressember Day 11. I wanted to take an “everyday” kind of spin on it… something I could wear to work and it could look professional, but still have a sexy, vintage, pin-upish vibe. I’m obsessed with pinup… the 1940s cheesecake style. It’s so glamorous and fun and celebrates […]

Dressember Pick of the Week – Purple Slit Dress by Anna Scholz

Another of my favorites from Gwynnie Bee! The Purple Slit Dress by Anna Scholz. I originally wore this for Dressember Day 9. There was a lot I loved about this dress, but my favorite part was definitely the details at the neck. I belted this and during the day wore it with flat boots to […]

Dressember Week 2 Recap

The second week of Dressember is officially over. I’ve worn more dresses (in a row) than I ever have in my entire life. I’ve definitely gotten pretty creative with working my wardrobe and I really and truly feel blessed. This has been a great experience and reading the stories of the girls that have been […]