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Healthy Living and Body Confidence

At times it seemsĀ as if there is a disconnect between the body positivity message I try to spread and the Beachbody challenge groups that I run. I can understand how it gets confusing. The assumption with a challenge group would be that anyone who joins the group is lacking in some way in their body; […]

I Would Walk 10,000 Steps….

… and I would walk 10,000 more… Dah, dah, dah, da… If you now have that song in your head for the entire day… you are welcome! So, you may recall that just a few months ago I posted a blog about my Adrenal Fatigue and how absolutely exhausted I have been. I have since […]

The Sleepiest Month of my Life

The has been a really hard month for me physically. My eating has been great and for the most part I’m really following the I Quit Sugar plan and seeing fantastic results! However, while I expected some initial withdrawal struggles, I anticipated that my energy would increase greatly after cutting out most sugars. Unfortunately, that […]

I’m Breaking Up with Sugar

Sunday we were in Barnes and Noble and I saw I Quit Sugar Cookbook, an 8 week detox program to live your life without sugar. I was instantly drawn to it and I knew almost immediately that this was something I needed to do. Daniel even offered (almost immediately) that if this is something I […]

Kill The Scale Challenge

I’ve been pulling further and further away from the idea of weighing myself regularly. I was using my brain grapes last night, and began to think back to all the times in my life that I felt like my body was the healthiest or fittest. I realized that I never knew what I weighed. Half […]

21 Day Fix Results

  As promised.. here is the before and after picture from my 21 day fix experience. The results I can see: My waste is slimmer and a little curvier. My hips are a bit slimmer. My face is thinner. My arms are more toned. I jiggle less. Results that you can not see in these […]

August 5 Day Clean Eating Group

I am starting a FREE 5 day clean eating group! If you are ready to start August out right and want to give your body and extra boost, I want you to join this group! To join please contact me via any of the social media links below or reach out to me on Facebook. […]

7 Pounds in 7 Months

  I started recording my weight loss journey last November. Shortly after I finished the T25 Challenge I ended up putting on 7lbs. I’m sure it was a stress gain from moving, gettingĀ married, and finding new jobs in a new state. It has taken me 7 months to lose those 7lbs, only to get back […]

Effing Burpies!

Today completes the November T25 “Hot for the Holiday’s” Challenge, and marks about the midpoint of my T25 Program, I’m just about at the 5 week mark! Can I just say how much I hate burpies! I mean, I’ve never loved them… even in HS, but man oh man do they suck! I’m cussing much […]

One Week and One Midweek Hump

Today marks the 10th day of my “Hot for the Holidays” BeachBody T25 30 day challenge! If you didn’t read my starter blog about this challenge, you can read it here. I decided to blog today, instead of the end of the week, because I have come to learn that Wednesdays are my absolute most […]