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We’re All Mad Here…

We FINALLY did Comic Con this year! This was actually our third attempt, for one reason or another, we couldn’t get tickets or weren’t available to go the last 3 years in New York. Arg! We even missed the cast of SUPERNATURAL!! The horror!! This year, not only were we able to go, but we […]

Closet Revamp!

I firmly believe that a big part of day to day confidence is looking your best. I’m not suggesting plastering your face with makeup or wearing high end clothes… but taking care of yourself and dressing/presenting yourself in a way that makes you feel good and feel confident. You’ve heard the phrase, “dress for the […]

Signs I am Getting Older…

I am part of a blogging group called Let Your Blog Shine, and the *awesome* moderators post a weekly blog challenge. This is the first time I am participating, not because I don’t love the challenges, but I’m usually already running my mouth about something and have my post pre-planned. THIS challenge, I just absolutely […]

V-Day Shenanigans

Love, Love, Love!! So… I’m the first person in the world to admit that I love, love. I do. I think that healthy love is the most amazing this that was ever created, and I 100% define love by 1 Chronicles 13. I think if we realized love was so much more than an emotion, […]

Making Time for Fun (And Video Games)

I am the epitome of a “woman on the go” (as in, I am a woman, who is constantly on the go…) I’m in love with To-Do lists… IN LOVE. To-Do lists are pretty much how I survive day to day, I don’t know if I would function well without them… and sadly, I’m not […]

5 Tips For Successful Dating

I want you all to feel so honored. I’m about to impart on you my FIVE TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL DATING! Since, I’m (obviously) a dating expert… being that I went all the way to NYC to snag me a husband, I’d like to impart some of this wisdom upon you. (Cue laugh track). Seriously, though, […]

The Diagnosis

Well, last week was full of really surprising information. Not least of all was my lab results / Diagnosis I’ve been waiting on for months! First things first. My Adrenal Hormones came back normal! YAY! I’m going to attribute that to the Adren-All supplements, extra rest, clean eating, and reducing my intense workouts in favor […]

Living Life Fearlessly

We lost my Great Aunt Helen last night. She was an amazing woman who has inspired me my entire life, and she was ready to go home. I want to rejoice in the time we were able to share with her. Remembering fondly the stories she told of the Great Depression, remembering the earliest versions […]

How Does a Strong, Independent Woman Get In (and Out) of an Abusive Relationship?

Before I start my post, I need to say: 1. I am not a medical professional. If you are in a dangerous or unhealthy situation, please seek out help immediately. 2. This is from my own personal experience and may or may not be applicable to other situations. 3. This post is pretty heavy, much […]

Let’s Talk About Babies…

I am pretty sure that not a day has gone by since we have gotten married that someone has not asked me when we are going to have kids. Holy crap, if I had a dollar every time someone asked me about babies, I would be so rich… like own a summer home in the […]