• Colds and Coasters


One of the things that you don’t expect when having diabetes is having the crazy highs and lows that accompany getting sick. Even something like a seasonal cold can bring on a crazy roller coaster of ups and downs (even PMS can bring it on!). It doesn’t matter how many times I have gotten a cold in the last 7 years, I still am surprised by the roller coaster ride.

High Blood Sugar Reading



It makes me feel like a failure when my blood sugar is so high. I work so hard on keeping a good A1C and pro-actively maintaining good sugars that whenever it’s out of whack it really stresses me out. I understand that no matter how to well sugars are maintained illness brings out a roller coaster, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.




The tough part about having a cold (in terms of maintaining sugars) is that I can’t feel the symptoms of high blood sugar. For me, when my blood sugars get high I get sweaty and hot, I start to feel drowsy, and I start to get hungry… those are also all of my symptoms when I have a cold. I’m finally towards the end of the cold – the part where I sound like a man, but actually feel much better. My sugars are stabilizing and I’m working on getting myself back on track.


Now, I’m starting to prep for the holidays, to try and maintain good sugars when faced with the delicious Christmas temptations. So that I don’t go nuts I try to decide in advance what I want (usually Christmas cookies), eat a healthy breakfast (usually Shakeology), practice portion control – so that I can try everything without going crazy and pre-bolus extra early (usually 30-45 minutes early as opposed to 15-20 minutes). Then I relax, enjoy my friends and family, and the delicious food. I work hard all year, it’s okay to give myself a break during the celebrations.

Reindeer Christmas Cookie

What about you? Do you prep for the holiday goodies? If so, what do you do to prepare?











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