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Have you ever read a book and identified with the main character SO MUCH you were practically giddy through the entire story? Well, I just did.

Sparkly Unicorn


Fangirl Book by Rainbow Rowell book review by www.letter2self.comFangirl by Rainbow Rowell (can we just say how cool her name is… because, I love it!) is about a girl named Cath who is obsessed with Simon Snow (a darker version of Harry Potter) and her fan fic, “Carry On, Simon”, is one of the most well read stories out there. But, she is no longer able to find comfort in her cozy world, sharing a room with her twin sister while mutually obsessing over writing Simon fic every night. They are going to college and her sister (Wren) doesn’t want to room with her. So, she’s forced to figure out this quasi-adult social scene, while still desperately trying to finish her Simon fan fic before the final Simon Snow book is published.

There is (obviously) much more to the story, but that’s the quick synopsis. I mostly want to talk about what I related to most.

I picked up Fangirl for two reasons. 1. I desperately needed something light and fun to get over that cloud of depression that was The Goldfinch. 2. My go-to in those scenarios is YA and the premise caught me right away. (Because other than being a twin and writing fan fic, this girl sounded like me.)

Fangirl fan art... this book is everything.

I was a totally awkward book nerd growing up. I used to get grounded from reading. Seriously, that was my punishment. I didn’t know how to socialize (especially in middle school) and so I would bury my face in a book so I didn’t have to. (Also, because books are great.) I totally understand what it’s like to be so caught up in a character or world from a book, that you become kind of disoriented in real life and feel like it’s totally normal to run around gym class playing basketball with your “magical powers.” (That Happened.)


Smiling at everyone, fangirl quote. So, in addition to wanting to be Cath’s friend in real life (or feeling like she’s a fiction version of myself), I also didn’t find her annoying like I do SO MANY YA girl characters. (Hello, Bella.) She was mildly self deprecating, but not overwhelmingly so… more in the “I’m new to college, feeling awkward, and trying to figure myself out” way. She has to deal with real life problems like; homework, a sister who’s trying to branch out on her own, a Mom who left when she was young, and a Dad who has some mental health issues… which makes her real.

It is everything I love in a book and it’s well written. It’s believable, and a good balance of happy, sad, funny, and serious – with some love story action in there to boot.

I give this book 5 Sparkly Unicorns. (Because… sparkly unicorns.)

Sparkly Unicorn

Sparkly Unicorn

Sparkly Unicorn

Sparkly Unicorn

Sparkly Unicorn




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10 thoughts on “Fangirl

  1. randomlittlefaves

    Oh my gosh…I HAVE to read this! I am a total book nerd as well, so I can completely relate to everything you wrote, Danie (except I didn’t get grounded for all my reading since my mom is a total book worm as well, lol). I loved Rainbow Rowell’s book “Eleanor & Park”, so this is going to be my next book that I plan to read! Thanks for sharing it and for your awesome review :).

  2. thedomesticgeek

    First off, oh. my. God. Sparkly Unicorns! (I have the brightest girliest pegasus tattoo on my leg, I’m obsessed)

    This sounds like such a fun book. I also used to be in the fan fiction circuit a bazillion years ago, I so won’t even reveal the topic that I wrote about there. I’m just happy to say that the website no longer exists. (and yep, I just double checked.)

    1. Danie

      hehe… sparkly unicorns. I’m glad you enjoyed them as much as I did! Can you send me a pic of your tat? I’d LOVE to see it! (You can post it here, if it won’t let you add an attachment in the comments: http://www.facebook.com/letter2self)

      I think that’s AWESOME that you wrote fan fiction!! I would totally read it if it were still up. *sad day!*

  3. shelbylclarke

    I may have to give this a go. I too was awkward and didn’t know how to socialize. My parents would actually get angry at me if I finished a book within a week of starting it…


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