• I’m Back, Y’all and I’ve Got a Kid!

So, I’ve broken all the rules of the blogosphere and haven’t written a blog post in almost a year. I’m breaking more rules by talking about my radio silence. When I wrote my last blog I had just found out I was pregnant, was working full time, building up our photography business, going to school, blogging, Beachbody coaching, and generally losing my mind. I was exhausted (from being pregnant and from life). Something had to give. So, the things that gave were blogging, music and Beachbody coaching. It was hard. I love all of those things… but I’ve only got 24 hours in a day, like everyone else, and being so busy it makes you sick is only going to last for so long. I crashed.

Honestly, I’m not that much less busy now. Still working full time, still going to school, still working our business. The biggest difference is now we have a baby (babies sure do take a lot of time, lol!) and once again I’m finding myself having to reprioritize. I don’t want to miss this time in her life. It’s amazing watching her change so much from day to day and I absolutely love it!

I’ve learned that I need to be kinder to myself. Both with the activities we end up filling our calendar with (we’re trying to do less of that), becoming active again, getting my “body back” (there was no ‘bouncing back’ immediately post baby for this Mama), and spending more time getting things done than I used to.

So, I’m back and I have a TON to write about – but no promises on consistency for a while. I want to share my new Mommy adventure with you, show you tons of pictures of my ADORABLE daughter, and share my journey of understanding my new role, new body, and super enhanced life. Be patient with me and more exciting things are on their way!



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