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I feel like I have not posted a blog in FOREVER. This is probably one of the longest no writing stretches I’ve ever been on. My last post was in August… woah. I have not been posting on Instagram, or Facebook, my Facebook groups, or keeping up with the rest of my social media either. I have been relying on my fellow coaches to help me out more with our fitness challenge groups. I have backed off a lot of things that used to be part of my every day to do list.

It feels crazy to go from so involved to suddenly so uninvolved. Motivation has been a struggle. I want to sleep ALL THE TIME. It’s not depression. It’s bot being busy with a¬†full time job, our photography business, and going to school full time.

The BIG reason I hadn’t been posting was because… I’m pregnant!

September hit me across the face with CAH-RAZY fatigue. Like, worse than the worst fatigue I’ve ever had (except, maybe pre-diagnosis). I was struggling even driving to work. Morning workouts ground to a halt. I *literally* fell asleep while typing an email at my desk…. seriously. This, of course, was all before I even realized I was pregnant. We didn’t get that memo until about 6 weeks (I’m 13 weeks now).

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Thankfully, as I’m rounding the corner into the second trimester, the fatigue and the nausea have subsided – along with the crazy sense of smell and food aversions and cravings. (I ate have a jar of green olives in one sitting – no joke.)

As a diabetic, pregnancy comes with it’s own special set of challenges. I have a ton of Doctors appointments (I had 8 in November alone), and am strictly monitored, we are working on altering my insulin to work with my new pregnancy hormones, and I am under strict orders from my Doctors to not gain any weight… which (though I haven’t gained anything) has it’s own challenges. I am not complaining though, compared to what some people go through, this is not a terrible process. It’s just more complicated – as life with Diabetes tends to be.

With all that being said, I plan on continuing to work on my wellness journey (especially now that I’m pregnant) and will continue it post pregnancy. I will write about my journey as we go, and what our new life will start to look like as we take on this new adventure!



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