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Much like my Key Priority Clarity Statement, I did another another set of exercises for the Smart Success program. These exercises ultimately allowed me to be able to create my definition of Success. This is another huge motivator and focus point for continuing to balance out my life! It is crucial that it’s written in present tense, so that I can imagine my life being this way, and am then able to reverse-engineer my life of success! Again, I’m posting my definition of Success statement below to motivate myself, share my journey, and for you to help keep me accountable!


One day, I will be able to do my work from a beach!



My Definition of Success

I wake up every morning energetic and excited for a day doing what I love to do, full of fun and adventure. I get up and start my day with coffee and reading, meditation and prayer. Then I have a workout before going to our studio to work with people I love to work with.

I work when I want to, driven by my creativity. A typical work day for me is 4-6 hours, or 30 hours a week, depending on the projects I’m working on. I am blogging 5 days a week, and am using that as a forum to inspire others, write down my journey, and teach.

We have our own apparel and home décor product lines. We also have a team of photographers that we manage. We enjoy working from our studio, on location, or from home. We often travel for our job and we teach or photograph on our travels, often both. We also own a rental property, which is another source of income.

We are financially stable and comfortable enough to travel when we want without ever having to worry about our finances. We can take care of the people we love the most because we have the financial freedom to do that.

I am in control of my schedule and am writing the story of my life, doing what I love most with the people I love the most. I am honoring my key priorities every day by creating and inspiring others.

I am in control of my day, my income and my happiness.



What is your definition of success? Do you have a success or clarity statement? I’d love to hear it!



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