• My Key Priority Clarity Statement

I recently bought a program by Chalene Johnson called Smart Success Academy. One thing that I have learned over the last few years is that if you want to be successful, whether that’s through a wellness/health/fitness journey, personal development, business success or any kind of personal success, you have to be willing to invest in yourself! It’s also important to know WHAT to invest in, because there are so many options out there and each one holds a different value to helping you achieve your goals. I always do research, weigh my options, talk to my husband, and trust my gut. If it’s a large financial decision – we always make it together. Period. However, we are open to hearing the other person’s arguments for why it’s worth it. If they make a really good argument and have done their homework, the chances of use saying yes to the expense is pretty good.

Anyway, the first big assignment I had to do (after a series of worksheets and videos to develop this) was come up with my Key Priority Clarity Statement. Basically, after quite a bit of soul searching to discover what my Key Priority is and needs to be, I came up with a statement that would keep me accountable to put that as a priority. I’m posting it here, so that YOU can help keep me accountable. My key priorities are; my physical health, my career/purpose (to create) and my environment (all of which affect each other in one way or another).


My Key Priority Clarity Statement

I will not be afraid of missing an opportunity or an event. If there are already two events on our calendar, I will either decline or reschedule, so that we never have more than two events a week. If I am asked to participate in a project that isn’t something to ignite my passion and creativity, I will decline.

I will not work more than two weddings per month for George Street, so that I have time for my own creative pursuits. I will make an organized “creative space” so that there is an area for my creativity to flourish. I will spend at least three hours a week on a creative pursuit. This can include scrapbooking, songwriting, practicing music, journaling, blogging, photography, design, etc. I will put my creative, mental and physical health above the needs and temptations (especially food temptations) of strangers.

I will commit to 10,000 steps and 30 minutes of physical activity at least 5 days a week. I will consciously choose healthy decisions when it comes to eating and being active. I will enlist the help of my friends and family in this area. I will weigh myself NO MORE than once a week and celebrate every step of my journey. I will not belittle myself or talk down to myself regarding my body. I will ban the words “Fat” and “ugly” from my self-descriptive category. I will share my journey publicly (via blog, FB, etc.) to stay motivated and hopefully encourage others.

I will strive pick up after myself, put my clothes away every single day and file my mail every day. I will spend time at least once a week cleaning, organizing or decorating.

I will know that I’m honoring my key priorities when I feel organized and focused. I will feel healthy and know that I have been making positive decisions for my mental and physical health. I will know that I am living in the gifts God has blessed me with and am pursuing a life that brings joy to myself and others. I will be less stressed and upset if I have a regular creative output and will be proud of the things that I have created. I will feel balanced and at peace.


Have you ever done anything like this? What kind of personal development courses have you taken? I’d love to hear about it! Post in the comments below.



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