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Another exercise for the Courageous Confidence Club that I’m currently doing with Chalene Johnson. It was included in the Smart Success Academy. This is similar to the Definition of Success and Key Priority Statement exercises I did. This is definitely helping to keep things into perspective.

DeathtoStock_Creative Community9My Mantra

I will trust my heart and know that God will show me the way. When I feel like I want to say yes to everyone, I will take a step back and determine if it honors my key priority. When I feel doubt, insecurities or judgement, I will remember that God’s opinion is the ONLY one that matters and He has made me for great things. I will courageously pursue my dreams and remember that I was meant to make an impact on this world. Every day, I will fearlessly chose to ‘Be More.’

Do you have a mantra or something that helps you keep your focus?



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2 thoughts on “My Personal Mantra

    1. Danie

      Thank you! It’s definitely something I need to remind myself all the time! I know I get caught up with worrying about pleasing everyone and so upset when I don’t succeed in that, I end up overlooking what really matters! 🙂


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