• New Beginnings

I was let go from my job this week. It was hard. When my boss called me into the conference room to have the conversation, I already knew what she was going to say. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t surprised. It was a hard conversation for us to have and it was out of either of our hands. Sometimes companies need to restructure and sometimes that means an abrupt change of staff and even excellent employees get let go.

But I knew that it was going to be okay.

I felt a very strong sense of peace when it happened. I instinctively knew that whatever I was supposed to have gained from working there, the people I was supposed to meet, and the impact I was supposed to have had happened. My time was done and God had a different direction for me to go in. A new chapter is starting in my life.

If anything, every time something like this happens it is constant confirmation that I need to keep up the entrepreneurial spirit. There is absolutely no control when you work for someone else, no matter how secure the job may seem or how talented you are as an employee. Ultimately, the owner needs to do what’s best for their business, and like I said above, sometimes that means they need to restructure. It’s just how business goes. If you have your own thing on the side, it’s not nearly as scary, than if you lost your sole source of income. Thankfully, we’ve been steadily growing our photography, so we have some cushion. I think that I was getting very comfortable and complacent in my job. I loved it, I loved the people I was working with, and I felt comfortable doing my job every day. Sometimes, comfort – though it feels wonderful at the time, can be a killer for that entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe that’s what was starting to happen and maybe I needed to get shaken up again to refocus on building up our businesses. Only time will tell.

I cried a little bit a few days later¬†because I was missing my friends, but I still felt at peace about the whole thing. I spent my first day as a newly available employee running around trying to get insulin for the gap in insurance coverage. Don’t worry, I ended up getting what I needed, but I was reminded once again how I need to continue to work for affordable insulin/life-saving medication and health insurance reform. I had friends who offered to help crowd-fund insulin for me, a nurse who found me free sample vouchers, and dozens of people offering to share their unused test strips with me.

I have had many friends and family members check up on me, offer to introduce me to a recruiter, share available jobs that may be applicable to what I’m looking for, or offer encouragement and support. Even people that were not let go have reached out and offered help; an introduction, a referral, a reference. I am blown away by how blessed I am with all these beautiful people in my life.

It rained the day I was let go. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that rain has played an incredibly¬†significant role in my life. It always shows up on the best days and the days that mark new beginnings. It rained when I met my future husband, it rained on our wedding day, it rained when our daughter was born, it rained when we moved to Wisconsin, and it rained on Monday when I was laid off. Rain is a time of cleansing and a time of renewal.

The last time I was laid off we started Imagine’at Photography. The last time Daniel was laid off we made our move to Wisconsin, which ultimately enabled us to buy a house. Let’s see what’s going to happen this time.



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  1. Chris Venden

    Beautifully written by a woman with many talents, surrounded by love! Wishing you many rainy days!! Hugs!!!


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