Ryan Seacrest, Straws and Dating

I was listening to the radio today. Which is something I rarely do anymore, as I tend to be more preoccupied with listening to an audio book, and as I was flipping through the channels I heard a Ryan Seacrest sound bite. He was talking to some lady (I didn’t catch who it was) and […]

Crossfit Wins the Douche-Bag Award of the Week

If you haven’t heard already, Diabetics and Diabetic Advocates have been in an uproar on Twitter over some hugely insensitive, dumb-ass tweets that Crossfit posted. I typically avoid Twitter feuds as if my life depended on it… but I couldn’t let this one go. I was appalled at Crossfit’s ignorance. I also asked myself repeatedly […]

Lessons In Love

Photo Credit I’m taking a class in school right now called “Common Faith and the Christian Good.” Because it’s required the class is made up of a hodgepodge of students with a variety of different backgrounds and beliefs. That variety actually makes class really fun (*nerd alert*), since we get to hear from a variety of […]

Choosing Courageously

Daniel shared this really beautiful video with me this morning about a guy who lost a tremendous amount of weight and struggled with dealing with the excess skin that comes after losing so much weight. He bravely put himself out there to be accountable to his message of self-love. For whatever reason this brought up […]

3 Of My Favorite Things

Perks of having a photographer husband… impromptu photo shoots! <3   We were wandering Barnes and Noble after church one Sunday and Daniel needed some shots for school, so we decided to have a quick photo shoot with two of my favorite things… books and coffee! I’m holding the book Cinder, which I have not […]

Book Review: The Diviners

I love me some Libba Bray. She’s been on my top 10 list since the Gemma Doyle trilogy… which are also on my top 10 reads. To be fair, I don’t actually have a list of authors and books… more an ever-evolving “go-to” section of my brain that remembers certain books and authors with fondness… […]

Magical Purple Hair!!

Holy craziness, Batman! I haven’t posted a blog in a week! I have, however, started at least 5 posts that I’ve been too busy to finish… this being one of them. I documented my hair transition and I wanted to share the amazing *4 hour* process with you! But, before I start on the hair… […]

We’re ALL Walking Dead…

Another CON!!! This was Walker Stalker Con. It was amazing… we trekked to Chicago with some friends (who are also mega Walking Dead fans), walked about a mile in the cold to get to Navy Pier, and spent the day wandering around this epic zombie awesomeness. Enjoy the nerd-tastic photo post of our con adventure. <3 […]

We’re All Mad Here…

We FINALLY did Comic Con this year! This was actually our third attempt, for one reason or another, we couldn’t get tickets or weren’t available to go the last 3 years in New York. Arg! We even missed the cast of SUPERNATURAL!! The horror!! This year, not only were we able to go, but we […]

Closet Revamp!

I firmly believe that a big part of day to day confidence is looking your best. I’m not suggesting plastering your face with makeup or wearing high end clothes… but taking care of yourself and dressing/presenting yourself in a way that makes you feel good and feel confident. You’ve heard the phrase, “dress for the […]