• Success Is In The Mindshift!

If you only ever read one of my blogs, this is the one I want you to read. This is the secret to success, the crucial ingredients you need to live the life you’ve always dreamed about!

It took me a long time to believe this, but once I FINALLY realized how true this statement was… my entire life changed.

Success Is In The Mindshift | Letter2self.com Blog Post

 2 years ago, Daniel and I were deciding whether we wanted to buy groceries or pay rent. We were getting married with almost no income, I was coming off of the tail end of a bankruptcy, we were contemplating welfare, and were roughly 2 rent payments away from being homeless. We were able to move to Wisconsin ONLY because we maxed out my credit card.

Today, we’ve paid off almost 75% of our debt, we are starting to house hunt, we have jobs that we LOVE, we are back in school, being booked for more photography jobs than we can handle (seriously, we had to block time OFF so that we had a minute to breath), are having great success in our Beachbody business, we have hired people to help us manage our finances and to help us manage our business, we are planning for the time we will hire our first assistant(s), we are in better health than we’ve been in years, our relationship is thriving and I am literally so in LOVE with life, that I can’t stop laughing and thanking God. All because of this simple principle.

So, yeah, this really works:

Your results are 100% dependent on your mindset, beliefs and commitment. Tweet This!

 Let me break it down:

If you don’t believe you will ever get to a healthy weight, you can’t eat clean, you don’t have any will power, or you aren’t good enough. Those things will always be true, no matter what diet or fitness program you try.

If you believe that you ARE healthy, you LOVE fueling your body with healthy foods, you HAVE iron will power, and you (and your body) are so worthy of being well taken care of. Those things will always be true, no matter what lifestyle changes or fitness programs you use.

 What’s the difference?

 Let’s use Beachbody as an example (Imagine one of the Beachbody fitness programs or Beachbody as a business for this example. I am a Beachbody Coach, so it’s a natural fit for me to use this as an example, but feel free to replace Beachbody in this example with whatever is applicable in your life.)

Beachbody is a vehicle – a great vehicle, but ONLY a vehicle. There are many types of vehicles. Many brands, makes, models, and conditions. All of them have the potential to get to your destination, some vehicles will be better than others – safer, better gas mileage, better trusted brand name, etc. BUT, If you have no destination, no GPS, no gas, no oil, no DRIVER – it doesn’t matter how GREAT the car is, it will NEVER get there.

Your mindset is the driver. In order for you to get to your destination you will need a vehicle, but the vehicle is much less important than knowing your destination and knowing that you will not stop driving until you get there.

You will never get to your goal, your destination, if you don’t believe that you can. You can have a great vehicle, but if you aren’t driving it, you won’t get anywhere. You can have a great vehicle, but if you are driving it with no gas in the tank, you aren’t going to get there. You can drive towards your destination but if you have no directions you won’t get there. Your beliefs are your directions, your commitment is the gas, and your mindset is the driver.

Make the commitment today to not stop until you get there!

What commitment are you making today? What are you going to CHOOSE to start believing about yourself? Comment below!




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