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Detoxing Again - Blog post by www.letter2self.com

Armed with my new FitBit, I’m ready to get my bum back in gear again! The Christmas goodies are behind me and today I start the sugar detox over again. The withdrawls have not been too bad today, but I’ve been nauseated like CRAZY! Most likely it’s a side effect of Metphormin… the nausea doesn’t typically affect me too much, unless I’m doing a detox or switching up my diet. My body will probably readjust in a few days and I’ll feel better again.

Detoxing Again - Blog Post by www.letter2self.com

I’m not so much looking it as a New Year resolution… those tend to be overwhelming because the commitment tends to be too large to be feasibly attainable. Instead, I’m focusing in small changes made every day. I suppose that is my New Years resolution – make small changes every day to be healthier (Mind, Body, Spirit) tomorrow.

Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions?


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