• TBT: The Diabadass Challenge for Diabetes Awareness Month

Better late than never, right? I’m throwing it back all the way to last month! The month of November (if you didn’t know already) is national diabetes awareness month! It’s a month to try and educate the general public and to raise funds for research. I didn’t know a THING about diabetes until I had it, so I started participating in the #Diabadass Instagram challenge last year to try and combat the ignorance that’s out there about what it means to be a diabetic.  Here are all of my official Instagram posts for the #Diabadass Challenge for Diabetes Awareness month! Enjoy!

Day 1 – Selfie


Day 2 – Pump or injections?


Day 3 – Glucometer


Day 4 – HbA1C


Day 5 – Insulin


Day 6 – Bolus Worthy


Day 7 – Pre-Diagnosis

Day 7; Pre-Diagnosis. This picture was taken in 2008 with a good friend/former co-worker of mine very shortly before my #type1 #diagnosis. When I look at it now I see a lot of things that I had no idea were #symptoms; hair loss, very rapid weight loss, exhaustion (notice I can barely keep my eyes open). I think at this point I was getting blurry vision, having a hard time focusing mentally, my gums were starting to bleed and the nerve in my left leg stopped working. All of these were on top of the normal symptoms of #Diabetes: extreme thirst, hunger, going to the bathroom ask the time. These sound like a lot of symptoms, but they came on slowly a little at a time and were all excused away as a reaction to moving to a new city, that was physically exhausting. #diabadass #diabetesawarenessmonth

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Day 8 – Diagnosis


Day 9 – Struggle


Day 10 – Exercise #BigBlueTest


Day 11 – Low Treatment


Day 12 – Glucose


Day 13 – Endocrinologist


Day 14 – Support #WDD


Day 15 – Diabuddies


Day 16 – Hero/Heroine


Day 17 – Research


Day 18 – Biohazard


Day 19 – Hypoglycemia


Day 20 – Needle


Day 21 – Med – Alert


Day 22 – Free Food & Day 23 – Weakness


Day 24 – Hyperglycemia


Day 25 – Injection Site


Day 26 – Social Media / Blog


Day 27 – Thankful


Day 28 – Diet


Day 29 – Strength


Day 30 – Future


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