• The Diagnosis

Well, last week was full of really surprising information. Not least of all was my lab results / Diagnosis I’ve been waiting on for months!

First things first. My Adrenal Hormones came back normal! YAY! I’m going to attribute that to the Adren-All supplements, extra rest, clean eating, and reducing my intense workouts in favor of walking for a few months. I was gifted a great e-book with tons of great information called The Adrenal Fatigue Solution by Fawne Hansen and Dr. Eric Wood and their site is LOADED with free info if you are looking into this for yourself.

Don't be afraid to research and investigate your symptoms and possible cures / treatments (natural ones are best).

Don’t be afraid to research and investigate your symptoms and possible cures / treatments (natural ones are best whenever possible).

I mentioned in this post that I was concerned with possibly having PCOS and/or Thyroid Disorder? Well, turns out it’s ‘and’… I was diagnosed with a very minor low thyroid and PCOS. My reaction to this news… surprisingly, relief!

I feel relieved because I FINALLY know what’s been going on. After hearing other doctors tell me that I’m just getting fat, or the symptoms are all in my imagination, I feel VALIDATED that not only did someone listed to me, but they sought out answers with me and we FOUND THE PROBLEM!! W00T!

Waiting to find out can be the hardest part. Make sure you have a support network.

Waiting to find out can be the hardest part. Make sure you have a support network.

So, like I said, the Thyroid issue is very minor, and I’m now on a very low dose of thyroid medication. After only a week, it’s becoming much easier to wake up in the morning and function throughout the day! Hooray!

As far as the PCOS, I was already taking Metphormin – which is typically a Type 2 medication for insulin resistance (and the treatment in most cases for PCOS). This clued the doctor in that something wasn’t normal about that, she started asking me questions: Are your period normal? No. Do you suffer from Acne? Yes, the majority of my life. Do you have excess hair growth in places you don’t want it? My body hair is really blonde, so I’m not sure if I’d notice anyway – but not that I’m aware of. And so on. From what I was told, PCOS is a diagnosis you get to by eliminating everything else, so, all the other tests on my labs were normal and I’m left with PCOS.

We are going to do more labs and revisit this at my next appointment. The doctor didn’t seem overly concerned about it. I have been talking to many women in my T1 Facebook Groups, and many of them have successfully had kids while having PCOS, T1 and Thyroid stuff. (They tend to go hand in hand, for some reason).

Daniel and I have talked about it. If we are meant to have kids naturally, it’s going to happen. God is bigger than PCOS. Whether or not we naturally have our own kids, we love the idea of adoption and foster care. We shall see. 2015 is definitely going to be the year for awesome changes. I’m just glad that since we’ve finally figured out the problem, we can get to a solution!

Doctor Who and the Tardis

If we had found THIS Doctor… we probably would found the problem much sooner!

Advice of the day… if you KNOW something is wrong with your body, don’t be afraid of getting a second, third or fourth opinion… Do independent research and find other people with your symptoms. See what they have. Don’t automatically jump to conclusions, but keep pushing the doctors to find out what’s wrong if they are resistant to look on their own. It took almost 2 years to figure this out, but I am so glad we finally did!

Have an amazing and adventurous week!



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2 thoughts on “The Diagnosis

  1. Rona BerryMorin

    Hello Danie,
    First I was going to be commenting on your great outfit and being selected for Gwynnie Bee Member Style Showcase. Congrats.
    Second, I really love your blog posts. I’m also a #Spoonie, suffering from chronic pain conditions, Major Depression and Hidradenitis Suppurativa.
    You’re blog shows that your life isn’t just about your conditions, it’s about all of you!

    1. Danie

      Thank you Rona! There are so mane of us out the who have something, some worse than others, but community is so important. It’s invaluable to feel as if you have a support network of people who understand. And you are absolutely right, we may have a condition, but our conditions don’t have to have us! XOXO


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