• The Experiment – Round Up

So, the 15th was the final day of the experiment.


Here is the final count:

1. To lose 30 lbs. – Nope. I’m still at the down 5lbs mark. HOWEVER, because of this challenge I’ve learned that I had some pretty significant medication problems that were preventing me from losing weight. Since I have discovered that I will be able to address the issue to make this goal possible. At least I’m on the right track!

2. To book 3 paying modeling gigs. – Done!

3. To have performed on stage at least 5 times. – Done! I left this count actually at 7 performances!

4. To have written 4 new songs. – Done! This is actually 5 songs, 2 partials, and 4 new ideas I’m working with!

5. Run a 5K – Done! I actually ran 2 different 5ks, and improved my time by 5 minutes on the second one!

6. To have significantly made a difference in someone’s life. – In progress (as it should always be) but I am officially doing the Youth at Risk mentorship program! I’ve committed to volunteering a minimum of 9 months with the program, so I feel like I can check this off as well!


So, this journey hasn’t been without emotions. I have definitely experienced ups and downs and it’s been quite the battle, but I’m proud of my progress, and I plan on approaching each challenge in the same vein.. tackling the problem as if I am not emotionally wound up, rather than let my fears and insecurities hold me back! This, of course, is an uphill battle.

More to come…


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